5th Annual Conference.
End of life Care: promoting access with excellence
IX National Meeting of the Argentine Association of Medicine and Palliative Care
First Argentine Conference on Palliative Care Research

November 8th and 9th 2018 | National Academy of Medicine | Buenos Aires | Argentina

Preliminary Programme

The conference will address three key themes: 1. Transforming healthcare through palliative and end of life care | 2. Communication at the heart of compassion and care | 3. Public engagement in palliative and end of life care. For members of the International Collaborative, attendance at the ‘Compassion, Care and Clinical Excellence in Hospital Palliative Care’ conference is included within the Research Conference registration fee.

Oral/poster presentation: abstract submission deadline 15/09/2018

Abstracts are invited for poster or oral presentation on the subject of palliative and end of life care, including but not limited to the three key themes of the conference:
• Transforming healthcare • Communication • Public engagement
An abstract proforma and associated guidance will be published, and an electronic version can be found, click here.
Completed abstracts should be returned to info@thecollaborativebuenosaires.org

Monday, November 5 th

  • Morning & Afternoon | Clinical Day at Institute Pallium Latinoamérica + Eranet lac Code

Tuesday, November 6 th | Institute Pallium Latinoamérica

  • Morning & Afternoon | International Collaborative
    24-Hour Research Meeting
  • Evening | Research Meeting Dinner

Wednesday , November 7 th | Institute Pallium Latinoamérica

  • Morning | International Collaborative
    24-Hour Research Meeting
  • Afternoon | Executive Committee Lunch Meeting
    Members Annual General Meeting
  • Evening | Executive Committee Dinner

Thursday, November 8 th | National Academy of Medicine

Matinal sessions (In English with simultaneous translation into Spanish)
  • 8.30 am | Registration
  • 9.00 am | Welcome and opening to "The International Collaborative for the best care of the dying", AAMYCP, CAAEM and Instituto Pallium Latin America

    Dr. Gustavo De Simone, President of Pallium Latinoamérica and Director End of Life Decisions (CAEEM).
    Dr. María de los Ángeles Minatel, Executive Director of AAMyCP (Argentinian Association of Palliative Care).
    Authorities of the Ministry of Health and social development.
    Academician Prof. Dr. Manuel Martí Former President National Academy of Medicine.
    Dra. Maureen Birmingham Organización Panamericana de la Salud, Argentina.
    • Journalist Ms. Nora Bär Diario La Nación Chair of the morning session: Dr. Vilma Tripodoro, member of the executive committee of the "Collaborative".

  • 9.45 am | Care at the end of life, International Panorama: The Collaborative vision and mission

    Chair of “The Collaborative”: Professor John Ellershaw, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom.

  • 10.15 am | Sweden's experience: the continuous care

    Vice Chair of “The Collaborative” Professor Carl Johan Fürst.
    Anette Duarte ND, Lund University, Sweden.

  • 10.45 am | Quality evaluation in the last days. Advances of the International Project ERANet LAC CODE (Europe and Latin America)

    Dagny Faksvåg Haugen. Professor of Palliative Medicine, University of Bergen.

  • 11.15 am | Coffee break
  • 11.45 am | Communication training: evidences and results

    Dr. Susie Wilkinson, Director of "Communication Skills Education & Training Center”, Liverpool, United Kingdom. Palliative Care Institute, Liverpool, United Kingdom.

  • 12.15 pm | Recommendations for the best patient care in the last days of life for professionals and for the general public. An innovative process in Switzerland

    Prof. Steffen Eichmüller (Switzerland) and Dr. Sofía Zambrano, (Colombia/Switzerland), University palliative care center, University of Bern, Switzerland.

  • 12.45 pm | Break (Lunch will not be provided)
  • Chair of the afternoon session: Dr. Gustavo De Simone

    2.00 pm | Workshops Session 1
    Aula Magna: Secretary Dra. Isabel Pincemín (AAMYCP)

    1- Hydration and nutrition in recent days: what are the recommendations?
    Facilitators Chair of “The Collaborative” Professor John Ellershaw, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, and Catriona Mayland, (University of Sheffield, United Kingdom).

    Library (1st Floor): Secretary Dr. María Laura Daud (PAMI)

    2- What does the right place to die mean? Accessibility and rights
    Facilitators: Dr. Marisa Martín-Roselló, Medical Director of CUDECA Hospice, Malaga Spain, Dr. Simon Allan, Director of Palliative Care, Arohanui Hospice, New Zealand.

    3.00 pm | Workshops Session 2
    Aula Magna: Secretary Dr Raúl Sala (AAMYCP)

    1- Quality tools in palliative care: how to measure and improve quality?
    Facilitators: Nurse Grethe Skorpen Iverson, Regional Center of Excellence for Palliative Care, Norway and Prof. Mark Boughey, University of Melbourne, Australia.

    Free Communication: “Quality indicators panel development in Palliative Care.Stage 2”. Berenguer M. Celina, Yastremiz Ana S., Jacob Graciela R., De Simone Gustavo G., Tripodoro Vilma A. Instituto Lanari (UBA) Instituto Pallium Latinoamérica.

    Library (1st Floor): Secretary: RN Clara Cullen (FEMEBA –Tornú Hospital)

    2- Nurses in Palliative Care: Case Management, what is your opinion in Latin America
    Facilitators: Professor Birgit Rasmussen, Sweden, Nurse José Manuel Lapeira, CUDECA, Spain, Nurse Anette Duarte, Sweden, RN Gladys Grance, Pallium Latinoamérica, Argentina

  • 4.00 pm | Pause
  • 4.30 pm | Honorary award and recognition: Dr. Mary Baines, Emeritus Consultant at St Christopher's Hospice

    Conference: The essence of palliative care

  • 5.00 pm | Conclusions: Presentation of Awards and Closing

    Chair of “The Collaborative” Prof. John Ellershaw, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Friday, November 9th | National Academy of Medicine

Conference and workshop in Spanish. Sponsored by the Latin American Association of Palliative Care
  • 9.00 am | Welcome by the convening authorities and the hostess: National Academy of Medicine and the Academic Council of Ethics in Medicine

    Dr. Gustavo De Simone CAEEM Decisions at the end of Life
    Dra. Isabel Pincemin President AAMYCP
    Chair of the morning session: Dr. María de los Ángeles Minatel
    Secretary: Dr Alejandra Rodríguez

  • 9.15 am | Public Policies in Palliative Care Research at the National Cancer Institute

    Dr. Julia Ismael and Dr. Nicolás Davidowitz

  • 9.45 am | Complexity in Palliative Care: research and evaluation instruments

    Dr. Marisa Martín Roselló Medical Director, CUDECA, Málaga, Spain. Member of the Collaborative

  • 10.15 am | Quality of care research in Pediatrics

    Dr. Verónica Dussel Center for Research and Implementation in Palliative Care IECS (Institute of Clinical and Healthcare Effectiveness) Dr. Rut Kiman, Hospital Posadas, Dr. Alejandro Nespral (AAMYCP)

    Free Communication: Monitoring of human resources available for the provision of pediatric palliative care among public hospitals from Argentina. Dussel, V.; Santos, G.; Uzal L; Requena ML. Instituto de Efectividad Clínica y Sanitaria (IECS)

  • 10.45 am | Coffee break
  • 11.15 am | Advances in Research in Latin America Care in the end of life

    Oral presentations selected for updates of research projects of national and Latin American origin (20 minutes each)
    • Coordinators:Dr. Mariela Bertolino, Hospital Tornú, FEMEBA, Dr. Natalia Luxardo, CONICET and Dr. Marina Khoury, APRN Victoria Llanos Institute of Medical Research Alfredo Lanari (UBA) and Pallium Institute, Dr. Sofía Zambrano (Suiza, Colombia).

    Free Communications:
    1. Caregiver reported quality of death is associated with cancer patient quality-of-life. Pedro E. Pérez-Cruz, Paola Langer, Cecilia Carrasco-Escárate, Pilar Bonati, Bogomila Batic, Laura Tupper, Marcela González. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.
    2. Quality care for the last days of life: 10 years of PAMPA program in Argentina. Tripodoro VA; Gabriel Goldraij,, Daud ML, Veloso V, Von Petery G, Pérez M, De Simone GG. Pallium Latinoamérica- Hospital Privado de Córdoba.
    3. Intervention of the Brazilian Occupational Therapist in the path of the disease in palliative care: ideal v.s. Reality. Leon Perilla VM, Vitale Torkomian RH. Universidade Federal de São Carlos, São Carlos , Brasil.
    4. The international ERANet-LAC CODE project: quality of care for dying cancer patients. Autores: Dagny Faksvåg Haugen, Katrin Sigurdardottir, Marit Irene Tuen Hansen, Wojciech Leppert, Katarzyna Wolszczak, Eduardo Garcia Yanneo, Vilma Tripodoro, Gabriel Goldraij, Martin Weber, Christina Gerlach, Lair Zambon, Juliana Nalin Passarini, Ivete Bredda Saad, Luiz Roberto Lopes, Grace Ting, John Ellershaw, and Catriona Mayland. University of Bergen, on behalf of the ERANet-LAC CODE Project group.
    5. Understanding end-of-life and palliative care: conceptual bases for improving effective communication. Leon Perilla VM, Vitale Torkomian RH. Universidade Federal de São Carlos, São Carlos , Brasil

  • 12.30 pm | Break (Lunch will not be provided)
  • 2.00 to 3.00 pm | Simultaneous Workshops Session 1 of initiatives in Latin American Research:
    1- Aula Magna: Secretary Dr. Susana Ciruzzi (AAMYCP)

    Research and Ethic at the end of life.
    • Academic Council of Ethics in Medicine: Working group on decisions at the end of life of the CAEEM of Dr. Gustavo de Simone, Dr. Margarita Bosch, Prof. Dr. Jorge Manrique

    2- Aula Biblioteca (Library): Secretary Dr. Celina Berenguer (AAMYCP)

    CRONAPAL: Open and collaborative research group of the AAMYCP for the study of Advanced Chronic Diseases with Palliative Care needs.
    • Facilitators: Dr. Vilma Tripodoro, Institute Alfredo Lanari, UBA and Pallium Institute Latin américa, Dr. Mary Coller (Coordinator PC Río Negro Province)

    3.00 to 4.00 pm | Simultaneous Workshops Session 2 Initiatives in Research in Latin America:
    1- Aula Magna: Secretary RN Carolina Nadal (AAMYCP)

    Care and oversights: Argentina Network Health Care Research (RAICES) Facilitators: Dr. Ana Domínguez Mon. Institute Gino Germani, University of Buenos Aires y APRN Verónica Veloso, Institute Lanari (UBA) University of Psicología (UBA).

    Free Communication:
    Social Cartography of Care Networks in People with Palliative Care. Veloso, VI; González, NC; Merediz,P; De Lellis, S; D´Urbano, E., Tripodoro, VA. Instituto Pallium Latinoamérica-Instituto Lanari( UBA)

    2- Library: Secretary Dr Raúl Sala

    Meeting of the Latin American Research Network in Palliative Care. Latin American Association of Palliative Care (ALCP).
    • Facilitators Dr. Mariela Bertolino, APRN Graciela Dran, Dr. Gabriel Goldraij, Dr. Vilma Tripodoro

  • 4.00 pm | Break
  • 4.30 pm | Secretary RN. Silvina Dulitzky
    Presentation of the 4 proposals of the workshops (10 minutes per workshop) and conclusions
  • 5.00 pm | End of the Conference: Dra María Minatel, Dr. Vilma Tripodoro, Dr Gustavo De Simone

    Free Communications review committee: Dra María Celina Berenguer, Dr Tomás Lagos, Dra Vilma Tripodoro, Dr Susie Wilkinson

Tobacco smoke free event